Chinese Chess

In 1993, Patrick Chan was personally brought in by John Ngai, ex-president of UEAA, to form the chess team. In the same year, we sent a team to Vancouver, Canada to participate in the Europe-North America Championship where we finished third.

In 1994, we invited the National Team of China to New York to promote the game. Grandmaster Liu Dai Hua from China played 11 players from New York simultaneously and BLIND-FOLDED. This stunning performance was witnessed by 600 audiences. We were then recognized by the World Xiangqi Federation (WXF) and China Xiangqi Federation(CXA) as the lone representative in the USA-East region.

Since 1995 after that, we have sent teams to different parts of the world to participate in the World Championship every two years. It will be the tenth time we are in this event this coming October.

Chinese Chess Team Sunday Meet-up - January 2024
Chinese Chess Team Sunday Meet-up – January 2024

In 2007 and 2011, we had female players participating. In 2009, we had a Caucasian player breaking the barrier and representing UEAA.

Over the last 20 years, we have invited the National Team of China to the United States eight times. Patrick Chan, the present VP of WXF, was the first one who initiated and helped to bring about the North American Championship in 2005. This big event has been upstaged ever since.

UEAA chess team was also a participant in the prestigious 2008 Beijing Olympic Mind Game. We also participated in international big events such as the Yang Guan Lin Invitational and the Han Xin Invitational tournaments. For something close to home, we also have our N.Y. –N.J. friendly matches every year.

In summary, there are a lot of activities and anyone interested is welcome to join. We want you to be part of us.

Chess Team Leader,

Danny Li


在1993年,前任美东体育会董事长倪楚勇先生亲邀其少年时的好友陈承恩来美东体育会开创象棋组。同年,我们派出一支队伍前往加拿大温哥华参加其举办的欧洲- 北美锦标赛,并取得了第三名的好成绩。

在1994年,我们邀请了中国国家队到纽约以推广中国象棋。中国的柳大华特级大师表演了同时闭目以1对11位来自纽约的棋手。 这个惊人的表演也被当时的600多位棋迷见证了。同年,我们就由世界象棋联合会(WXF)和中国象棋联合会(CXA)承认了在美国东部地区唯一的代表。