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Woman of the Week: Analisa Balares



Analisa Balares shows that a Filipino woman, small in stature and born into poverty, can rise above social limitations and become an inspiring global leader.

As the founder and CEO of Womensphere, Analisa Balares has spent two decades working on “unleashing the potential” of girls and women across the world. Through annual summits and various other initiatives, Balares hopes to empower women to pursue leadership roles in all disciplines. She believes that by achieving gender equality in leadership roles, better decisions will be made and the world will be a better place for women and men.

Growing up in the slums of the Phillippines, Analisa Balares did not let the circumstances of her childhood determine her future. Instead, she made use of the limited amount of opportunities available to her and propelled herself to successful emerging global leader that she is today. As a teenager, she became the Youth Mayor of the City of Manila and was elected Senate President of the Phillippine Youth Environment Congress.

Later, she would immigrate to the U.S. and expand her influence there. After receiving an MBA from Harvard Business school, she became a woman leader in the corporate world. For example, she was the Global Marketing and Product Manager at Microsoft.

Yet, to pursue her goal of empowering women, Balares left the corporate world to build Womensphere these last two decades. She has made tremendous progress. Since the founding of Womensphere, it has connected over 3,500 leaders through 25 conferences in the U.S. and Europe. Through Womensphere and by personal example, Balares inspires women to be leaders in their personal and professional lives.