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Talk and write in a way that encourages the mutual exchange of ideas and acts like a midwife to people birthing their own ideas.

  • Grace Lee Boggs


At YWLP, we want to hear your stories. We know the Asian/Asian American experience is not a monolith. We want to know what being Asian American means to you — what struggles have you endured, what joys have you encountered?

YWLP can be the platform to bring awareness to issues that are important to you. We accept pitches and complete submissions. We hope that the YWLP blog will be a resource to you at any age.


  • While we’re not searching for A/P/A Studies 101 or pieces loaded with jargon, we want a healthy balance between discourse on Asian American issues, critiques of popular culture, personal narratives, and views we haven’t heard of — yet.
  • Feminism, social justice, mental health awareness, microaggressions, people you think we should be checking for. We are very open to emerging artists.
  • Essays, lists, reviews, photos — whatever media you can think of.
  • Asian/Asian American women (and those who identify as women) contributors. We will feature male contributors too, but our mission is to push women’s voices, especially those whose voices are not in the mainstream and are un/der-represented, to the forefront.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay contributors. Please — send us your best, pitch us ideas you’ve wanted to articulate but didn’t know how. We’re open and ready for you! Submit to tabithasin[at]ueaa[.]org and sharontong[at]ueaa[.]org.



For so many of us, Chinatown, especially those who had access to the cultural haven, meant something. Whether it was the neighborhood we grew up in or the weekly family gatherings for dim sum or even the dread of fish market juice slopping onto our shoes, Chinatown is ingrained in our memory.

However, Chinatown is changing, and most of us are conflicted on whether it’s for the better — or worse.

We want your take on this: What did Chinatown mean to you? Does it hold a different meaning now that you’re older? Has it changed? Do you recognize it?

The Chinatown Chronicles is an ongoing series by YWLP where we publish your thoughts on this issue. It doesn’t have to focus only Manhattan’s Chinatown — after all, we have formed pockets of community wherever we can. We’d love to hear takes on San Francisco’s Chinatown, Philly, DC, Chicago, London, new ones like Brooklyn or Flushing’s, or even the one in Costa Rica that’s currently being built! (Seriously, I would love to read that.)